Pointers – Vows and Concerns

One great feature managed environments such as java and .net claim is the role and use of garbage collector. In this article we will be looking and the main pointer vows of C/C++ which acted as motivation for evolution of managed environment and garbage collection. In this section we will talk about

  • Wild Pointer
  • Dangling Pointer
  • Memory Leak

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C – A Brief History

C is quirky, flawed and an enormously success – Dennis Ritchie

The story of the success of C is often told and retold. C is deemed as the mother of all modern programming languages since almost all surviving modern programming language finds it origin or resemblance with this language. However there are two points that must be interesting to note about this very high profile mother of modern programming languages –First, the story of C begins, interestingly, with a failure.

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Understand She through C

Everybody knows C is a great programming language. It can clearly describe structure and design of a complicated system. Few, however, know how well it can describe human nature and psychology as well. Don’t believe? Here is the proof.

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Hello World – “Aum” of Programming

It has been quite a long time since I set up my developer blog. Blog name decided. Blogger engine installed. Themes selected. Then I changed my CMS engine a couple of times; need not add, updated themes a lot more times. What I never did, however, was to post anything to my blog. Not because, I didn’t had the idea of what I wanted to do with my blog but because of some other reason. In fact, I had already collected quite a few interesting stuffs and some must have gone out of date due to the delay. So why didn’t I post? Well answer is ridiculously simple (or will you say simply ridiculous). I couldn’t decide what should be the first post. Yes, the first Post. And then… It all struck to me last night. And now when I think of it, why didn’t it strike me earlier. Well now you know. What I really wanted to start was with a “Hello World”. Of course, since time immemorial, it has been our tradition to start with a “Hello World”. So how old is exactly this time immemorial?

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