Video:Introduction to Multi-Threading

Multi-Threading is one of the most important aspect of programming which effects both the performance and the responsiveness of the the application. This short video discusses motivations and design of Multi-threading.

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Security Descriptor Definition language (SDDL) is a language used for defining the NT Security Descriptor attribute and has been traditionally used to define ACL in windows registry and other NTFS Files. Most of the time the one is not required to understand the cryptic syntax of SDDL as it is manipulated using MMC interface. The syntax was little productive for the power users who may like to manipulate the windows registry using text editor.

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The term “Quine” refers to a special kind of Program (or shall I call Meta program?) that outputs its own complete source code as its only output. It is termed after the name of a philosopher Willard Van Orman Quine who did great study of indirect self references. There are certain distinct characteristics of what can be considered as Quine and what not.

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