Slum house or Taj?

While discussing with a group of programmers and discussing their design (read critical review) the most common protest I get is “but it’s working”
Is a code giving desired result I’d the ultimate goal?

If a working code is all I need then why talk about best practices? This reminds me of the slum houses we see around ourself and I often ask “who designs them? The dweller themselves; you will agree. Interesting those dwellers have absolutely no architectural knowledge and yet they manage to build their home -working home ; that too in record time. An architect will certainly take more time in mere paper sketch. So is an architect’s work worth any thing?

We know it is.Even the slum people realize after a bitter experience in every big out small mishaps. But that requires a mishap.

A couple of months ago I was designing a framework for certain software firm.It would be a MES system for steel industry.they needed certain POC. Urgently.

They made an overriding decision- let’s do a quick and dirty design.after all its not the product just a POC. When I protested the boss said – I need a working proof. It should look beautiful (UI). I don’t understand inside of it.

Well, I suggested since you understand only steel industry I will explain it in your terms.

In any machine to join parts we can always use welding instead of nuts and bolts. So why bother to use nuts and bolts. Getting things with is least of the problems. creating a lasting solution is.

When creating a deign we must always ask ourselves:

Today are we going to  build a taj or a slum house. Remember taj will take longer to build, but will last  longer… much longer

And  below is the space to add your ideas…

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